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As the nights draw in, here come the films!

Hello there, this is my first blog so I thought I would start with a little something to tell you all what I am looking forward to seeing in the cinema in the next month or so, hope you enjoy it!

November, a month either loved or loathed by many. To some, all they see is cold, dark nights, where they are forced to stay in doors and a time to turn into somewhat of a recluse in their homes. For others November offers the excitement of Bonfire night, big cosy jumpers, warm fires and dare I say it? Yes the big C word (CHRISTMAS).

However to me November is not known for any of that. I love this time of year, why you ask? I see this time of year as the return of the big film franchises. They give us a film then make us wait a whooleee year until the next one comes out. Fair? I think not.

First to come is the long-anticipated first part of the final instalment of the Hunger Games trilogy: The Hunger Games: Mocking jay, which is out in the UK on the 20th of November. The Hunger Games are over and now it is time for Katniess tsave her nation and Peter. hungerganmes

If there is one thing movie producers are good at its making film fanatics wait for the next movie!

However the highlight for the next franchised film for me has to be The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies. The audience were left in suspense after Smaug escaped, who can forget of course “I AM FIRE, I AM DEATH”. Which personally for me is one of the most gripping cliff hangers that has been offered from a movie franchise in recent years. For those like myself, who have not read the novels, we have been left to wait a year to see what destruction will be caused.

Coming soon will be my reviews on these two films, so for now I’m out!



Drama and English Literature graduate, into Shakespeare, Romance and thriller novels. Obsessed with the theatre and engaged.

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