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Day 1: My Blog’s Name

I guess my blog’s name took a while to come about. At first I wanted a blog’s name about what predominately I wanted to write about. So I started listing off all the things that I would be writing about, books, films, quotes, moments in my life, random facts, things I notice on a day to day basis.

Looking back at the list I had wrote I started to come up with a way to put all these things together…without much success. Did I really want my blog to be called something along the lines of BooksMoviesGlimpsesofmylife etc, ect? No.

So instead I started thinking about what I wanted to achieve from my blog and what I wanted people to think when they read my entries. As simple as it sounds my main aim was to make people smile and brighten up someone’s day (even if it is for 5 minutes.)

So I thought of bright happy things and wanted a name that would stand out, shiny things stand out and make people happy.

So why not a shimmer of happiness as what I wanted people to feel when they saw my blog. It was then it was decided, and A Shimmer of Happiness came to be.



Drama and English Literature graduate, into Shakespeare, Romance and thriller novels. Obsessed with the theatre and engaged.

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