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Day 2: 20 Facts about me

1) I am a 3rd year Drama and English Literature student,

2)I am the only student in my year currently doing this exact course.

3) I have a twin brother named Martin.

4)I used to have a pig obsession, I had over 100 cuddly toy pigs in my room and I stopped eating pork because of it

.5) I’m a fussy eater, basically the only meat I eat is chicken.

6) I love reading, particularly horror and romance (polar opposites, some may say.)

7) Im an Aries

8) I not religious as such up open to the idea of spirits

9)When I was a baby I was on the National Lottery

10)My favourite colour is baby blue.

11) I ate so many maltesers at Christmas when I was 10 I did not eat any for 5 years after.

12)I have a cat, her name is Ebony.

13) I’m scared of dogs.

14) My favourite novel is One Day by David Nicholls.

15) I work at Sports Direct, and yes, I hate it.

16) My favourite film is Dirty Dancing, although I hate the theatre version.

17) When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher

18) I try and be as spontaneous as I can be

19) My favourite time of year is Christmas, I don’t think I will ever not have Christmas spirit!

20) I love to act.



Drama and English Literature graduate, into Shakespeare, Romance and thriller novels. Obsessed with the theatre and engaged.

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