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Movie Review-Deadpool


Funny Moments: Most of the film

Overall Score: 5/5

I am not the biggest Marvel lover, but I assure you, this film is worth every second, so much so I am considering seeing it again. In cinema…and paying!

The only reason I went to watch Deadpool is because my boyfriend is a Marvel fanatic and no matter what the film was like he would surely exit the cinema claiming that the film was ‘THE GREATEST MARVEL OF ALL TIME!’Though for once when he said this I was inclined to agree with him: much to the shock of me, and to the delight of him.

For comic fans Deadpool was one of the most anticipated Marvel films ever. the movie was not even going to happen until Ryan Reynolds listened to the cries of fans who wished the film to exist.

The movie focuses around anti-hero Deadpool, who is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and when approached by a mysterious stranger, agrees to be ‘healed’. The results are disastrous and although he gains super hero powers he also gets a face like this…



Deadpool then sets off on a mission to find his creator to heal his face.

For those who know about Deadpool he is renowned for his hilarious remarks and one liners aimed at the bad guys. In the film his one liners are a work of brilliance and the comedy juxtaposed with serious issues such as cancer and the fact that he looses his girlfriend shouldn’t work. But it does, and even makes the film more accessible for those, like myself, who do not want to see a film full of stunts and funny remarks, but want to watch  a film with a plot in which we can meet the main character.

Al tough the films golden moment has to be the relationship between Deadpool and a taxi driver called Duphinder who he has a great relationship with. Jumping into a cab one day to go kill his arch enemy Francis and his henchmen Deapool meets Duphinder. The comedy comes from the fact that the taxi driver does not react to the fact that he has just picked up a man in a costume and continues to have a conversation with him and getting advice from Deadpool about what he should do to get rid of his love rival, in which Deadpool suggests he gets rid of him.

The next time we meet Duphinder he is again picking up Deadpool but this time when travelling a scream is heard from the boot. Duphinder has kidnapped his love rival. This scene is one of the funniest in the movie and the running gaga is cleverly written, much to my surprise.

Overall Verdict: This is Marvel’s best film yet. Classic one liners, mixed with a solid storyline and cleverly written gags. Not a film for the mature at heart, but I defy people who don’t usually care for Marvel films not to enjoy it!



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