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Young and Engaged.


This is my first blog post about my personal life and what better way to start it off by writing about one of the biggest events in my life. My engagement and my fiancée. I am 22 years old and my partner is 24, we have been together for almost five years.

His proposal showed he knew me so well. I am an avid book lover and my all time favourite play is A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. For a surprise for my birthday he took me to see this play in the London Shakespeare Globe theatre and in the interval he rushed me to the bank side, got down on one knee, with the waters from the river splashing on one side, and the Globe theatre on the other side, and of course I said yes!


There are two major questions that people have asked me since my engagement was announced and those have been: ‘how does it feel?’ and ‘so when’s the wedding?’.

The answer to the first question is simple. I feel no different, some people may think that this is odd but this is simply because me and my boyfriend have always been firmly committed to each other, having almost three years of our relationship being long distance. So, although it may be ‘official’ now we have always known that we would be together.

However, the second question is a lot hard to answer. I have just finished University and currently looking for a graduate job, whilst my partner is a bit further on in his career. However,we are young and although I am sure we would love to start planning the wedding it is tough. We do not have our own place and are currently living with my parents.

I do not know whether it is just me, but I find it a struggle being a University graduate in this era. When I was in college I was advised: ‘go to University, you are sure to get a job after’. However I feel that I have come out of University, also having completed a six month Events and Marketing internship only to be told that I need at least a years experience for a trainee level job. Can someone please tell me how I am supposed to achieve this?!

So, between wanting to save for a house, on a part time wage whilst trying to have some type of social life, I guess the wedding I want will have to wait a while, but I can’t wait!





Drama and English Literature graduate, into Shakespeare, Romance and thriller novels. Obsessed with the theatre and engaged.

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