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The Book Exchange

Quite often on Facebook there are lot of links such as ‘copy and paste this link otherwise…’ with some warning indicating that you will have seven years of bad luck if you don’t share. Due to this, I usually pass them without a second glance. Until yesterday.

One of my University friends put this up: “Calling all book lovers! We need at least 6 people to participate in a book exchange! You can be anywhere in the world. All you have to do is buy a book you love and send it to one person. You will receive approximately 36 books back. If you are interested, like this status and I will message you all the details. This is a really great project, please help to continue the chain 🙂‪#‎savetheculture‬.”

So I thought, why not. It sounded like an interesting challenge and if it can spread  awareness of reading then even better.

However, half of me thought that it wouldn’t actually work. This was until today until I received the modern classic The Shining by Stephen King. I sent the novel I love to the address I was given and I hope they enjoy it as much as I do. I can’t wait to start reading!



Drama and English Literature graduate, into Shakespeare, Romance and thriller novels. Obsessed with the theatre and engaged.

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