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Victorious by Marie Force

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Romance Novels for the Beach

Well, well, well, it looks like our sexual dominant was finally let out to play.

What’s it About?


After surviving a traumatic event at age fifteen and the ensuing estrangement from her family, Natalie Bryant has worked for years to reinvent herself into the woman she is today—a happy teacher fresh out of college and enjoying her first winter in New York City with her faithful dog, Fluff, by her side. Natalie isn’t expecting her life to change completely during a routine stroll through Greenwich Village on a blustery January day. But when Fluff breaks loose and charges into a park, Natalie gives chase and crashes into her destiny. Only after Fluff bites and draws blood from the man who accidentally knocked Natalie down does she realize Fluff has bitten the biggest movie star in the world.

He has no business being enthralled by the gorgeous, young, innocent teacher…Natalie captivates…

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The Widow, Fiona Barton: Review


I was not made aware of this novel until I mentioned to my longest  closest best friend (and book buddy) that I had no book to read at the moment (SHOCK HORROR!!!).

The Widow is a Sunday Times Bestseller and has been pitted as the next BIG thriller after Girl On The Train (according to the Glamour quotation on the front of the book, although I don’t think I will take that for gospel). So it is safe to say my expectations were high. Warning, this review deals with heavy themes and nothing should be taken to deeply, in particular my references to crime cases from British History.

The story had a plot that follows the tragic story of a young girl, Bella Eliott who goes missing from her front garden and the aftermath that surrounds the investigation. The story follows different people’s views who are somehow connected  to the plot. Th leading investigating officer. A reporter. The Mother, the wife of the accused. Interestingly the narration jumps from past and present tense. In the present Bella Elliot’s ‘kidnapper’ Glen Taylor has just been run over by a bus. Starting from this point captures the readers interest and was pleasantly unexpected, which led me to believe that this novel was going to be different from the typical ‘Find Who Did It’ crime stories.

What struck me about this novel is Fiona Barton’s focus on telling the story from the view of not just the grieving mother or police officer who is on the case: but focus’s on the view of the reporter who befriends the accused’s wife and the accused’s wife herself. By exploring how the press can influence, and sometimes hinder, a crime investigation takes this story to a deeper and more darker level than I expected. This theme is one that  I believe resonates particularly with a British reader and echos big crime stories such as, dare I say it, The Madeline Mcann case. This case was heavily media covered with wild theories being  slung around which some would caused trouble for the investigation. It won’t be the first and it won’t be the last. Kate the reporter’s main objective is to get this story on the front page and treats the investigation is an extremely clinical manner. Kate’s dialogue is very matter of fact and rarely uses emotive language and does not seem to recognise Bella’s mother, as a grieving woman but as a 2D subject. There is rarely a chapter that goes by that she does not relate to characters in the framework of her news story. To me this is a clever technique by the author and reflects a negative view on how the press deal with personal and shocking stories seeing them as a selling tool instead of an event that destroys people’s lives.

So far so good, right? Wrong.

This novel was built up to me compared to Gone Girl, a deep and physiological detailed thriller which grips the reader page after page. All the ingredients were there. A mystery of a missing girl. A suspect, all be it dead, and his strange wife who is obsessed with having a family. Differing perspectives and the BIG issues of kidnap: a potential paedophile, surely this is a recipe for a great novel?


Now that’s not to say the plot is not a good one. The strong headed reporter who is interviewing Jean Taylor who is the killer’s wife. What could be wring with that?

*spoilers ahead*

Usually throughout mystery novels clues to the story’s twist are released slowly and skillfully so that a reader almost has to look back to see how they possibly missed a particular twist. However in Widow, the readers are meant to sympathise with Jean Taylor the wife of a murder, how could she have not known. The only problem with this is I knew she had some involvement almost the second that I started reading. Mainly due to the fact that the murder was dead, what I thought was a good twist at the beginning, a mystery where the perpetrator is not directly involved but that only left Jean. Yes, other suspects were presented but they were not fleshed out fully enough to be even considered.


This story has all the right elements a gripping and challenging plot line, exploring issues that many writers would not dare to tackle. Potential for greatness if it was not compared to such great novels. Classed as adult fiction the writing was far to simple, almost seems like it is more fitting for teens. 

Worth a read but I doubt I will be reading it again.

Out of ten? 4.


















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Resolutions: Why do people mock them?

I am fed up of every year people on Social Media platforms digging each other out for writing their new years resolutions. Since when is it okay to be negative for people wanting to change or better something about themselves. So I am going to do it any way. Have these people thoguht that you write resolutions for yourself not for everyone else?

Its 2017 and instead of doing New Year Resolutions I think I will do a list of resolutions that I would like to keep and work on for the future in general.

  • Trying to update this blog more. I really enjoy writing but go through months without a post. This is something that is easier said than done.


  • Read more, much much more. Reading has always been a passion  of mine but day after day I seem to waste my time binge watching TV. (Not that I plan on doing this because I would only be fooling myself). But I am going to try and assign an hour a day to reading, whether it be in my work breaks, before bed or anything because I think why not do more of what you love?


  • SAVE. This is I think something that anyone can relate to. Save to see more of the world and make my money really count for something. Attempt to find the balance so I can have many memorable moment with my friends. Not just saving money but try to save time on not worrying over things that have a simple situation, save time overthinking about thinks that wont matter in the next couple of months or next year.


  • Try to keep healthy. I’m not talking about going on a strict diet but doign things that make me feel healthier in general and YES that may involve going to the gym, but whats wrong with that?!


  • Don’t take social media for gospel. People may be posting these pictures of perfect lives. But ti remember that life is not a competition and you never know what someone is going though on a day to day basis.